Focussing on authenticity and empathy doesn’t just sound nice, it’s proven to work.

Our strategies for improving the confidence, resilience and social skills in children and young people alongside successful reintegration into education has a proven track record.

The following feedback shows how Inspire have already improved the lives of many children and young people in Devon.


Absolutely fantastic, I would recommend highly. Staff are understanding and very good in regard to what they do. My child has made so much progress and gained so much confidence and trust, that without Inspire it wouldn’t have been achieved. Amazing just amazing! Thank you so much for all you do!

Thank you for taking me to the rides, woodlands and the beach, all places I wouldn’t normally get to go, and horse riding. Also, for welcoming me to Inspire. Thank you for everything! I think of all the fun times.

Inspire have successfully supported us with a number of children who’ve had a wide range of complex needs. Their work has enabled some learners to re-engage with school and others to move successfully on to more suitable school placements. They have a targeted approach to working with the children, flexibly creating a bespoke timetable to ensure the individual reaches the targets they need for their development as outlined by the school. In all cases of children who Inspire have supported, I’ve seen progress in their target areas. They also do their utmost to seamlessly link academic learning into the activities which they provide so young people continue to learn. They have fantastic facilities at their hub and make best use of the locality and surrounding area to safely provide young people with opportunities.

After every session, a report is provided which details what the young person has learned and the target areas they have worked on. This enables the school to still be connected to the young people with whom Inspire are working with. Safety of the children is always a concern for schools when asking an external provider to work with young people and Inspire have demonstrated with the young people they’ve worked with for us that safeguarding measures and procedures are adhered to – notifying us of any concerns which can at times arise. Their workers are skilled in their roles and demonstrate a sound level of knowledge for the needs of the young people with whom they work. Perhaps most importantly is that whenever a young person has had Inspire support them, they’ve always benefited and enjoyed it – the children’s views say it all!

My partner and I are registered Foster Carers and have worked for Devon County for over 20-years. We specialise in caring for the more challenging young people, most of whom are linked to the Youth Offending Team, not in mainstream education, some not attending any structured provision. In our time as carers, we have worked closely with many agencies across Devon who have provided support for our foster children. Over the past few years, we have worked more closely with staff from Inspire. I can say from experience they are a dependable and reliable team who provide individual structured support programmes.

Their interventions are delivered by experienced workers, skilled at building positive relationships with young people, some of who are resistant to any support. Inspire have provided personalised programmes to meet each of our foster children’s individual needs. They offer a verity of packages which are time bound and promote positive engagement. Staff members have always worked closely with us, sharing information both positive and negative behaviours and ensure they are available to attend and contribute in family and professional meetings. Thank you Inspire for your support over the past years!

Having worked with the staff from inspire for the last 3 years they come highly recommended. 

They are skilled and compassionate and engage children in many ways that re-engage children and keep them safe. They employ a range of skills through critical relationship building developing trust and rapport. They find alternative methods and approaches to learning that scaffold ways in which to re-engage children with their learning and reintegration.

I recommend their provision so highly that if one of my own children was in need of support to help re-calibrate and engage with learning, I would gladly support attendance at this site and with their staff. Part of their service is through personalised learning and so after they get to know children, their interests and aptitudes they would be able to tailor the provision to suit their interests. Indeed, graffiti art has been a feature of the programme for previous students, for example.

I can confidently say that in my opinion, the Inspire site at Buckfastleigh is perfect for young people and schools looking for support with their education.

Inspire has been working with our family (our child) for a few years. The progression they have made in those years has been massive. When the Inspire support worker first started support, we had a child who would not leave the house, we now have a teenager who is happy to leave the house for 6 plus hours and has so much confidence.  The Inspire support worker will really be missed by us all. Thank you!

I just wanted to write to you both to thank you for all your work. You went above and beyond to help my young person, which in turn helped me, especially at a time when their risks were so high. As a service you are flexible, dedicated and provide experienced well trained staff. Thank you.

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