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We know that many crises can start at school for young people. That’s why Inspire offers bespoke, one-to-one educational support to children and young people who are struggling in the school environment.

The combination of these capabilities has already made a big difference in many young people’s school lives.

One-to-one interventions

Engaging and bespoke intervention programmes, centred around learning, respect and fun.

Inspire’s one-to-one interventions are there to support those children and young people who are struggling in educational settings.

We offer one-to-one intervention away from the school environment, focusing on any additional needs and areas of concern that have been identified.

Our team are experienced at building professional relationships to help support children and young people and work with them to understand their emotions, the impact this has on them and others, as well as equipping them with the skills and confidence to appropriately manage their emotions.


We can offer support to children and young people who:

  • Need reintegration back into the classroom
  • Need a personalised timetable
  • Are on a managed school move
  • Are waiting for a school placement to be identified

The one-to-one intervention services complement existing services as part of an EHCP and are combined with our rigorous monitoring system.

Our Intervention programme carefully monitors children’s and young people’s progress with our ‘Reintegration Readiness Scale’.

Session and end of term reports, regular evaluation and feedback is also completed to ensure the progress of each child and young person is tracked and shared with referrers.


Our school intervention services include:

  • Structured assessments
  • Case management
  • Evidence-based progress reviews
  • Attendance of professionals meetings

At Inspire, we operate in an honest, open and accountable way, with children and young people at the centre of our focus.

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