Meet the team

The founders, Becki and Matt, are both passionate about working with children and young people and have devoted their entire lives to youth work.

When they’re not feuding over football, you’ll find them devising new ways to engage, connect with and support Devon’s children and young people.

Youth and social work are the family vocation and so I was always destined for a career within it. My path within this profession began in 2009 and I qualified as a youth worker soon after. Progression allowed me to enjoy working with schools – supporting children and young people, followed by one-to-one intervention work and onto managing the operations of an intervention team.

I started this business because I have a passion to support children, young people and families and have spent my career gaining experience and skills to provide a high-quality level of support.

Away from the business, I love exploring the Devon countryside with my dog and I am a keen follower of the ups-and-downs of Liverpool FC!

I began as a volunteer youth worker at a local youth club in 1997. Quickly realising that this industry was my calling, I began studying youth work as a professional qualification at University, with this leading me to employment of youth work across Plymouth.

Progression has given me exposure across a variety of challenges including one-to-one
intervention working, managing youth work locality teams and service management.

I started this business with over 20 years’ experience of working with children, young people and families across Devon. I am dedicated and committed to improving the lives of children and young people.

Away from the business, I can be found in the local gym through my passion for sport and fitness! My love of Manchester Utd creates an interesting work environment with Inspire’s Liverpool-supporting Director – especially when we beat them!

I have worked as a Youth Worker since 2002. I’ve taught drums at a youth music project in Saltash, been an Intervention Worker at the youth offending team in Plymouth, coordinated a youth club in West Devon, and supported various youth clubs in the Plymouth area.

My main interests are music and animals and have a wonderful dog called Sydney, who also shares my love of walking and the great outdoors. I do enjoy having a go at art, despite not being very good at it and I also love a game of pool and cards.

Throughout my working life I have been lucky enough to work in variety of educational and social care settings, including many years in a wonderful school for KS3 and KS4 children with complex needs. This has invariably included developing strong relationships with parents, families and other professionals. I have a particular interest in child development, including how we can best aid children to manage complex needs, mental health, grief, and trauma.

I have in addition to my many years of experience a BA (honours) degree in English and Education, which included primary teacher training. I enjoy travelling and I am a keen gardener, and although I’ve played for years and enjoy playing, I’m still hopeless at pool. I also struggle with directions so might need a little help getting around.

An invaluable member of the team is the support dog Bentley, who works tirelessly to entertain and make new friends, (in between snacks and naps). 

He is a team player who has no trouble with building connections with Inspire’s children and young people. On top of his educational responsibilities, Bentley takes an executive role in the day-to-day running of the business and oversees the work of the founders. 

I started working with young people as a sports coach, fitness trainer and outdoor activities instructor. Qualifying as a PE teacher and working for the last 15 years in local schools. I spent time working with disadvantaged young people, leading adventure training residentials and running sports teams including rugby, football, basketball, and cricket. I have run Princes Trust courses and adventurous sailing activities and love to be out and about.

I really enjoy using sport and physical activity to support young people and help them gain confidence and understand what makes them tick. Being in a challenging environment allows young people to discover their strengths, weaknesses, interests, and motivations.

When not at work I can be found outdoors. Mountain biking, surfing, sailing or at the gym. I played a lot of rugby when I was younger and now must watch it from the side-lines, although I still have my rugby mates to watch it with me.

After studying for a Sports Science and Child Psychology degree, my career started as a sports coach and swimming teacher. I soon realised that I was passionate about supporting children with additional needs. I have worked in an inclusion and safeguarding role in primary schools for the last twelve years. I am passionate about understanding behaviour, and I feel privileged to be able to support young people in understanding themselves and realising all their amazing strengths!

When I am not at work, you will find me in my happy place on the beach with my Golden Retriever, swimming in the sea, or on the water paddle boarding!

I was a primary school teacher for twenty-five years, before moving onto working with children and young people in foster care providing pastoral support. I also have experience of home tutoring children with ASD. I enjoy learning to paddle board, plus sea swimming, cycling, reading and can be often found on the beach with my dog.

I studied Child Development and other related subjects at college, achieving level 3 qualifications. I started my career as a SEND Teaching Assistant in a primary school where my interest in behaviour grew. I quickly knew this was the area of education that I wanted to focus on. I’m fortunate to work with some amazing colleagues, who share my passion for helping children and young people to reach their full potential.

With two children my time for hobbies is limited, however I do enjoy keeping fit, crafts, cooking and baking. I realise this may come as a surprise to the young people who have found my baking efforts somewhat amusing!!

I have experience of working in a number of settings, that include residential care, care leavers, youth criminal justice, family support, substance and alcohol misuse and hidden harm (supporting the safety and well-being of young people experiencing the impact of parental alcohol and substance misuse). My interests include books, political history, rugby, music and I am a dedicated Manchester United supporter.

I have worked with Becki and Matt for a number of years and I am currently their Business Co-ordinator at Inspire. I have worked in a number of roles, mainly in admin/clerical posts, however this is the most unusual but most enjoyable role I have had.

I undertake all the usual tasks you might expect in an admin role but throw in the buzzing atmosphere that young people bring, and this gives you an idea of the ethos Becki and Matt have created: the of smell bacon cooking or cakes baking, the sound of the box of Lego being emptied out; it might even be a young person’s behaviour becoming heightened – we are an intervention service after all.

I love that new young people come to the centre, often quiet and shy but it doesn’t take long before they come out of their shells and feel comfortable enough to invade the office space, chatting and joking whilst stapling scrap paper together! Luckily, I have the ability to switch off and focus on my work when I need to and if I can’t, well, I’ll just catch up later! I’m hoping that, as my role is part time, I will be able to take advantage of this and spend some time travelling – I’ve always wanted to see the Northern lights so this is at the top of my list for 2021!

On my life path I have had the pleasure of embracing many opportunities close to my heart. Amongst multiple highlights of my career, I have thoroughly enjoyed being an advocate, Intervention support worker and Family support worker. Through such opportunities I have discovered an ardent love and understanding for ASD.

Supporting children, young people and families across Devon brings me joy and continues to be an absolute pleasure and passion of mine. I enjoy exploring alternative ways to learn and have fun!

Where would you find me? The answer every time is at the beach. I find the ocean coupled with my love of music provides the perfect playground for self-expression and evolution.

I have an experienced background in supporting children and young people through alternative provisions and in Forest Schools across Devon. I am an experienced Bushcraft teacher and facilitate Bushcraft camps every summer to share my love of the outdoors.

I enjoy having fun and being outside.  I am a fan of cycling, swimming and hanging out.  I work at Inspire to help young people see how they can grow and overcome their challenges and to have fun.

I have been working with young people for over 15 years in many different roles. First as a volunteer, a community youth worker and as a young person’s drug and alcohol worker. I really believe in young people and their ability to overcome the obstacles that sometimes hold them back. I believe if we listen to young people and really try to hear what they are saying, we can work together with them to create positive and lasting change. In my spare time I like to relax and spend time with my family.

I worked in care and support roles for over 6 years, before shifting into intervention work with young people about 8 years back. I completed my Forest School training 3 years ago and love being outdoors in the woods, learning new bush craft skills and spending time round the fire. I studied film and animation before moving to Cornwall where I lived for 11 years. I left Cornwall to travel which took me into Europe, Africa, South East Asia and New Zealand and I finally landed in Devon where I now live with my wife and son. I’m an avid film geek and have enjoyed going to live gigs ever since I discovered Metal and Grunge music in my teens. 

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